Friday Night Funkin’ Crunchin’

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About the FNF Crunchin Game

Friday Night Crunchin’ delivers a crunchy mod featuring Boyfriend, Cereal Guy, Trollface, and many more, in an exciting new adventure. This version of the mod includes the first Week, the latest songs from Friday Night Crunchin’ V2, and a special Halloween update. In the first week, Boyfriend challenges Cereal Guy to three intensely rhythmic breakfast songs, while Week 2 features a sadder tone as Boyfriend sings three other songs against Trolo and then Trollface. In addition to the main storyline, the freeplay menu offers numerous bonus songs where players can challenge Trolljak, Poop Madness from the “Big Mouth” series, and Skull Trumpet in a special Halloween track.

The song list for this mod is as follows: Week 1 features Crunch, Milkyway, and Choke a Lot. Week 2 includes Doubt, Hope, and Reunion. The Freeplay mode offers a selection of bonus tracks such as Legacy, Threat, Rumor, Soundtest, and Rattled. Enjoy this unique and captivating mod with an engaging variety of tunes to test your rhythm skills.

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