FNF’ – The Basement Show (Tom & Jerry)

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Playing the Tom & Jerry Version of the Friday Night Funkin’ Game

FNF: The Basement Show is a mod inspired by the infamous creepypasta, Tom’s Basement. The story follows Jerry, consumed by madness, as he commits unspeakable acts in the cellar of his family home. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are in search of a house to purchase when they encounter Jerry, who insists on showing them his property. Upon exploring the basement, the couple stumbles upon Tom’s lifeless body. Jerry, unwilling to let them escape with the truth, forces Boyfriend to sing for his and Girlfriend’s lives in a week filled with tension and fear. Secret of Nobody offers three rap battles set to the songs House For Sale, Vanishing, and Sirokou, with Boyfriend needing to maintain focus to defeat Jerry despite unpredictable events disrupting the battles. A bonus fourth song, Meme Mania, is available in the Freeplay menu.

The Basement Show 1.5 update introduces three new songs to the Freeplay menu, along with a fourth bonus. Players can now challenge alien-form Jerry in “Invade,” sing against Tuffy in “Come For Revenge,” and keep the beat in “Kaboom” (vs. Demo Tom). The music “HFS Old” is the original version of “House For Sale.” The Basement Show 2.0 brings even more content with the addition of two new weeks, Love is Hopeless and Glitch House, each with three songs. New characters emerge, presenting Boyfriend with rhythmically inspired challenges. A dozen new songs are also accessible in the Freeplay menu, totaling 24 epic rap battles in The Basement Show.

Songs list: Tragical Comedy, Kaboom, Soul Chance, Hydrophobia, Vanishing, House For Sale, Unstoppable Block, Blue, Triple Trouble, Mucho Mouse, Cat Chase, Desire Of Despair, Steep Slopes, Meme Mania, Reburning, Jam, Funny Cartoon, Invade, None Of All, Sirokou, Shattered, Come For Revenge

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