FNF vs Ourple Guy

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Playing the Ourple Guy Version of the Friday Night Funkin Game

“FNF Vs. Ourple Guy V3” is a mod that brings a fresh twist to the Five Nights at Freddy’s universe. It features a week-long adventure where the central characters, Boyfriend and Ourple Guy, take on a series of challenges. This journey is punctuated by five original songs and a series of inventive and eccentric cutscenes. Furthermore, the mod’s Freeplay mode expands the musical repertoire with an additional 17 bonus tracks, ensuring a rich and varied experience.

The mod is set in the enigmatic world of Five Nights at Freddy’s, and players will encounter several familiar faces from the series. These include Bonnie, Fredbear, Chica, Henry Emily (also known as Cassette Man), and the notorious William Afton, better known as Purple Guy, recognized for his distinctive, raspy voice. The mod also features cameo appearances from popular YouTubers like MatPat from The Game Theorists, Markiplier, and Abdul Cisse, who engage in rhythmic rap battles with Ourple Guy.

The creation of “FNF Vs. Ourple Guy V3” was a collaborative effort involving numerous talented individuals. A notable contribution comes from Quiet Tomato, who composed the song “FazNews,” drawing inspiration from their original artwork for the characters Springtrap and Mangle. The mod promises a series of engaging rap battles designed to challenge even the most experienced players of Friday Night Funkin’ mods. Songs like “Golden,” “Dismantle,” “Man,” “Cashmoney,” and “Midnight” are just a few in the extensive list that includes “Terminated,” “Lurking,” “Lore,” “Blubber,” “Performance,” “Bite,” “Showtime,” “Go Fish,” “Trapped,” “Beatbox,” “Watchful,” “Restless,” “Faz News,” “Miller,” “Followed,” “Yes Friend,” and “Fear.”

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