FNF Vs Tricky: Banbuds Goblin Files

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Playing Tricky: Banbuds Goblin Files version of the Friday Night Funkin Game

“FNF Vs. Tricky: Goblin Files” is a unique mod in the Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) universe, notable for its intriguing backstory and singular focus on one song, “Violence.” Initially a part of a larger project for the V3 update of the Tricky mod, this mod was originally set to be shelved when the creator, Banbuds, decided to pause and then cancel the project. However, in a turn of events, Banbuds permitted the mod team to complete and release this version of “Violence,” providing the FNF community with a new and exciting challenge.

This mod features a gripping rap battle where the protagonist, Boyfriend, faces off against Tricky. The gameplay revolves around maintaining rhythm and skillfully navigating through perilous fiery notes, adding a layer of intensity and challenge to the experience. Additionally, the mod showcases a creative touch with its menu music—a remixed version of the iconic “Chicken Dance.” This small but delightful detail adds to the charm and uniqueness of “FNF Vs. Tricky: Goblin Files,” making it a memorable addition to the FNF mod collection. Players are invited to immerse themselves in this intense musical battle, testing their rhythm and reflexes against the game’s challenging mechanics.

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