Funking Physics Trollge (FNF vs Trollge/Trollface)

Here is the updated version: FNF vs Trollface V2.

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Playing online Friday Night Funkin’ vs Trollface / Trollge

Dive headfirst into the wild and whimsical world of FNF Vs. Trollface/Trollge, a mod that takes the Friday Night Funkin’ experience to a surreal, psychedelic realm. Having triumphed over a series of formidable opponents, Boyfriend has etched his name in the annals of musical battle lore. However, these victories haven’t sufficed to impress Girlfriend’s discerning father, who now thrusts them into an alternate dimension to square off against the supreme adversary. Before they know it, they are amidst the peculiar ambiance of Trollface’s abode, where a relentless and ruthless musical duel awaits. As the notes fly and the beats rage on, Trollface’s composure shatters, plunging the duel into a whirlpool of bizarre surprises. Unexpected twists await as the battle intensifies, veering off the predictable path onto a trail of whimsical mayhem!

In this chaotic showdown, you’ll be grooving to three eccentric tunes: Pranking, Misunderstood, and The Mishap, each reflecting the peculiar essence of Trollge, the new character adding a peculiar flavor to the FNF mod series. With every beat, anticipate the unexpected, as the narrative unravels the quirky and intriguing persona of Trollge amidst the wild, rhythm-fueled skirmish. As you navigate through the whimsical challenges thrown your way, the musical narrative enthralls with its unanticipated twists and turns, painting a bizarre yet compelling story of this odd encounter.

The saga continues with the unveiling of Funkin Physics Week 2 DEMO, a riveting update that injects 11 fresh tracks into the rhythm battle arena. The list encompasses Trickery, Solitude Eternal, Euphoria, Ultimate Trickdown, Impersonator, Marionette, Grin, Trolltastic, Troll Extinguisher, Absurdity, and Vexed. Each tune encapsulates a realm of emotions and quirkiness, setting the perfect stage for the continuing rhythm showdowns. With every beat, the stakes escalate, and the rhythm resonates with the dynamic essence of this whimsical, musical world.

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