FNF’ Sonic Corrupted Generations

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About Sonic Corrupted Generations of FNF Game

FNF Sonic Corrupted Generations Vs. Sonic Boom, a demo inspired by Come Learn With Pibby and Sonic the Hedgehog, presents Boyfriend in an exciting face-off against Sonic Boom, a character from the Franco-American animated TV series. The adventure begins with the Green Hills song, a tribute to Sonic The Hedgehog’s iconic first level, followed by a high-energy rap battle on Not Fast Enough, requiring players’ utmost focus and rhythm.

In addition to the main storyline, the game offers a bonus rock’n roll rap battle, Hill of the Glitch, accessible through the freeplay menu. Experience thrilling, fast-paced rap battles in this captivating fusion of the Sonic universe and the charm of Friday Night Funkin’.

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