Regular Friday Night (FNF vs Regular Show)

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Play Online Friday Night Funkin’ Regular Show

The story mode’s Erect and Hard modes can be played and both of them come with a unique soundtrack, so let’s find out if you can keep up the rap. Have fund playing more FNF Games.

Freeplay mode has these tracks: 3Xhilaration, Reckless, Unemployed, Supercharge, Temper-Break, Enemy-Breaker, Cookies, Overtime, Full-Fives, New-Management, Multiversal, and Summertime

The Story

Oh hey! You’re the new guy here right?


Rigby and I heard you like to rap, you think you could teach us?

We already rap all the time, buuut we could probably do better.


I will go first, me first….. me first….

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