Friday Night Funkin with Koi Fox

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Play the Online Koi Version of the Friday Night Funkin’

Koi, the humanoid fox, awaits you and BF in an exhilarating FNF showdown that promises excitement and fun. Experience an array of fantastic tracks this mod has to offer, including: Senpai, Whyteepe, Rock, Bomb, Hairball, Guns, Broccobox, Fart, and Night.

Your mission is to guide BF to victory against Koi in FNF! Upon reaching the main menu, you have the choice between story mode and free play mode. Regardless of your choice, you should strive to complete the songs by hitting the right notes.

When arrow symbols above BF’s head align perfectly, press the corresponding arrow keys on your keyboard. Too many missed notes in succession could cost you the game. Good luck, and enjoy the music!

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