Friday Night Funkin’ vs FNAF 1

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Here is the FNF vs Friday Night At Freddy’s 1 Version

There are 5 FNF Mods in Story that start with Week F, then Week B, Week C, Week P, and double dots. Each of them has a unique track for your Rap Battle.

Every Story Modes has got a video that plays before the game starts. This tells you the story behind the rap battle.

However, Freeplay (Continue) mode has so many tracks:

  • The-Fazbear
  • Inside-The-Shell
  • Broken-Inside
  • First-To-Go
  • Terrorizing
  • Shut-The-Door
  • Rummager
  • One-More-Rite
  • Pirate-Adventure
  • Walk-The-Plank
  • The-Happiest-Day
  • Let-Us-In
  • The-Slaughter
  • Dead-Inside
  • Deatbox
  • Freddy-Assbear
  • Freddy-Fazballs
  • Power-Outage
  • Backroom
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