FNF vs Shirou Ogami (BNA)

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Playing the Shirou Ogamni BNA Version of the Friday Night Funkin’ Game

A notable anime character, Shiro Ogami, known for his remarkable abilities and transformation into a white wolf, finds himself in the FNF universe. To send Shiro back to his own universe and free the FNF world from his presence, Boyfriend is tasked with a pivotal musical battle. Assist BF in overcoming the werewolf and reclaiming his world.

The game offers the following tracks: “Beastmen”, “Unleashed”, “Ginrow”, “Harmonious”. Whether you opt for story or free play mode, you’ll get to test your rhythm in each song. To triumph over the werewolf Shiro Ogami, you must sing the song all the way through. Press the respective arrows as they align with their static representation at the screen’s top. Aim for minimal errors to complete the song smoothly, hitting the last note just right.

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