Friday Night Funkin’ vs Ace

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Venture into the frosty realm of FNF Vs. Ace, a riveting mod for Friday Night Funkin’, spreading over two immersive weeks. Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves waiting for a bus to Manhattan, during which they meet a friendly character who suggests a rap battle to kill time. The characters, Boyfriend and Ace, rise to the challenge and engage in a musical duel set to the tunes of Concrete Jungle, Noreaster, and Sub-Zero.

During the second week, the narrative takes an unexpected turn as Boyfriend, in a slightly altered form, proposes another rap battle with three newly composed songs. However, as they prepare for another musical encounter, strange occurrences and the arrival of mysterious characters disrupt the rhythm. The songs for this thrilling second week include Groundhog Day, Cold Front, and Cryogenic. Additional tracks are available in the freeplay menu, yet they are locked until you meet certain conditions.

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