FNF’ vs Way Too Many Troubles (Vs. Sonic.exe)

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About this Way Too Many Troubles version of Friday Night Funin’ Game

FNF Way Too Many Troubles (Vs. Sonic.exe) is a fan-made mod that transforms the original ReconX song into a Friday Night Funkin’ edition. As the longest FNF mod song, players must maintain the rhythm against multiple foes for over 23 minutes. This legendary rap battle features Boyfriend confronting Tails.exe, Knuckles.exe, Xenophanes Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Lord X.

The mod’s original song, “Way Too Many Troubles 1.5,” was composed by ReconX and is a mashup of various popular Triple Trouble remixes. Don Ark, the mod’s creator, has crafted a challenging experience with highly accurate and demanding gameplay and charting.

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