Friday Night Funkin’ vs Salty Sunday Night

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About the FNF’ vs Salty Sunday

FNF Salty’s Sunday Night is a modification for Friday Night Funkin’ that breathes new life into the original game with six full weeks, fresh characters and backgrounds, and an entirely new story. The mod features 19 original songs composed by Tsuraran and Maqua. An old arcade cabinet in Daddy Dearest’s cellar houses trapped souls who awaken on Sunday evenings. Salty, the most recent soul captured, slowly recalls his memories and seeks a means to escape the arcade machine.

Opheebop, the Guardian of the arcade cabinet, is willing to release everyone but needs a new soul in exchange. The question arises: will it be Salty’s soul or Boyfriend’s? Players must maintain the rhythm during numerous battles to uncover the secrets hidden within the enigmatic arcade machine.

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