FNF’ vs Documic Performatted Rebuilt

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About Documic Performatted Rebuilt vs of Friday Night Funkin’ Game

FNF Vs. Documic.txt V3 Canceled brings players face-to-face with Documic.txt, a peculiar Sonic clone that has mysteriously emerged from a cryptic file. This mod is a restored version of the apparently canceled Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Documic.txt V3. Players will experience a series of musical challenges as Boyfriend, but they can also assume the roles of Sonic and one of the characters from Among Us. Immerse yourself in the infectious rhythms of seven epic rap battles and strive for precision as you defeat your adversaries.

With a possible version 4 of the mod in development, players can look forward to even more excitement in the future. The current song list includes “Newer Document,” “Textus Documus,” “Old Document,” “Oucumic,” “PC Nightmares,” “Standstill,” and “He Appears.” Get ready to confront the enigmatic Documic.txt and embark on an exhilarating rhythmic adventure in this Friday Night Funkin’ mod.

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