Friday Night Funkin’ vs Hat Kid

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About the Game

In this modification of the popular rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin’, Boyfriend enters a rhythm battle against Hat Kid from the fanmade anime series ‘A Hat in Time’ created by Kokoro Hatsaru. This mod introduces a range of engaging songs, including ‘girlish’, ‘timeless’, ‘purple-flavor’, and ‘princess’ to set the stage for these musical duels.

This game is available for free and is the result of collective efforts by several creative minds. Kokoro Hatsaru, the main author of the mod, is credited with most of the content creation. Contributions have also come from LoganMcOof, the hk soundfont author, Dark Android, the future artist for updates, and GearsforBreakfast, the original authors of ‘A Hat in Time’. If you enjoy the mod and wish to stay updated, consider supporting the creators on their social media platforms. The mod can be downloaded for your desktop PC on GB.

The original Friday Night Funkin’ game boasts contributions from a number of talented individuals. Ninja_muffin99 handled programming, while PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r provided the artistic elements. The music, a key component of the game, is the work of kawaisprite. A considerable number of other contributors also assisted in the game’s development via the GitHub source. This mod aims to make Friday Night Funkin’ more accessible for those who may have difficulty running it on lower-end PCs, Chromebooks, etc.

To ensure optimal performance while playing this FNF mod, using Google Chrome is recommended. And for those seeking a more challenging gameplay experience, consider turning off Ghost Tapping in the settings. As always, best of luck and enjoy the game!

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