Friday Night Funkin vs Cartoon Cat

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About this FNF Mod

The fabled Cartoon Cat is indeed a reality and you’re set to engage him in a lyrical showdown in FNF Vs. Cartoon Cat, a mod designed for the popular game Friday Night Funkin’. The Cat, with his disproportionately large, round eyes, distorted teeth, and flexible limbs, has challenged BoyFriend to a musical duel. This mod introduces a unique week featuring two songs, “Trapped Mouse” and “Reruns”. The first song serves as a warm-up session with rhythmic beats that allow you to become acquainted with your adversary, while also preparing Boyfriend’s vocals and your keyboard dexterity for the challenges ahead.

Yet, an ominous threat looms over our duo. Prior to the second song, Cartoon Cat is set to unveil his devious plans. The challenge escalates beyond the realms of a mere rap battle, adding layers of complexity to the contest. As a player, it falls upon you to decipher this cryptic plot through numerous animated sequences and engaging dialogues.

FNF Vs. Cartoon Cat derives its inspiration from the cryptid and urban legend, Cartoon Cat, which is the brainchild of Canadian artist Trevor Henderson. Making its first appearance in August 2018, the unnerving creature has since been the subject of numerous horrifying tales revolving around the black feline. Henderson is also known for his creation of another equally disconcerting creature, the Siren Head.

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