Battle for Friday Night Disaster

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About the Battle for Friday Night Disaster FNF Game

There are lots of Mods to play in this version of the FNF game. The game also comes with cool characters and glitch effects.

The story mode has 6 weeks to play. Week 1 has Corrupted Hosts, Week 2: Hated Idols, Week 3: Corrupted Bunch, Week 4 as Abandoned Alliance, Caked is available as week 5, and finally, you have All Paced up in week 6.

If You like FNF Stories, there are lots of texts to read in Story mode as you play.

The Freeplay option has Verzephobia, Who marks the spot, Pudgy, Even Primes, Half of Four, Lost Value, Loved Idols, Hatred, Bashed Friendship, Prevented Trust, Budget Cuts, and Error.

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