Friday Night Funkin’ Tails Get Trolled

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About The TGT Version of the FNF Game

FNF Tails Gets Trolled offers an entertaining twist in the Friday Night Funkin’ gaming series. In this engaging modification, Tails, a beloved character from the Sonic universe, finds himself in a tricky situation. Boyfriend and Girlfriend, the iconic duo of Friday Night Funkin’, are set to face off against him in a rhythmic duel. The mod brings forth two vibrant chapters filled with captivating tunes, where you’ll need to match your musical notes to the rhythm in order to triumph in your battles.

Your first challenge lies in defeating Tails in a music battle on the track named ‘Talentless Fox’. Here, you get the opportunity to prove your mettle as a professional singer and showcase true talent. But the musical journey doesn’t stop there. Following your conquest over Tails, Sonic enters the scene in a bid to save his friend. You’ll face him in a rhythmic contest on the song ‘No Villains’. No quarter should be given to the blue hedgehog, as your rhythmic expertise must be on full display to win this rap battle. Furthermore, a bonus track awaits you in the ‘side stories’ menu, where you can take on Tails in ‘Tsuraran Fox’, a remix from chapter 1.

The narrative of FNF Tails Gets Trolled derives its inspiration from the original webcomic created by Lazerbot in 2011. The comic’s storyline is simple yet gripping – Tails, irritated by a group of trolls, seeks help from his friends. Sonic, attempting a diplomatic approach, wants to engage in a dialogue with the trolls, while Shadow prefers a direct confrontation. This engaging dynamic is wonderfully translated into the mod, making it a must-try for all FNF enthusiasts.


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