Friday Night Funkin vs Tails.Exe

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About FNF vs Tails.Exe

This version of the game features a story mode with a tutorial and two weeks, with one of the weeks initially locked until the player completes the first week.

In addition to the story mode, the game also includes a freeplay option that features a tutorial and three tracks: “Chasing,” “Darkness,” and “Sidekick.” The freeplay option allows players to practice their skills and improve their score without the pressure of progressing through the story mode.

Overall, Friday Night Funkin vs Tails.Exe is a mod or fan-made version of the original game that adds new characters and content to the game. The game retains the same basic gameplay mechanics as the original game, with players using the arrow keys or other controls to match the beat of the music and win the approval of their opponent. The game has become popular among fans of indie games and fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

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