Friday Night Funkin’ Wednesday’s Infidelity

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About the FNF Wednesday Infidelity Game

The Story: Minkey has lived in lies all his life, today he realizes that, but something is wrong with him. Help him understand that he can find a new meaning in his life. Life, like any other, is Hard.

Game: There are 3 modes to play in the Story Section: Save the Depressed Mouse, Brick of Friendship, and Father I crave Cheddar.

Freeplay (the first option) has different sections: Wistfulness, Dejection, Unknown Suffering, Last Day, Sunsets, HellHole, and Versiculus Iratus.

The first option in the Freeplay mode has Wistfulness, Dejection, Unknown Suffering, Last Day, Sunset, Hellhole, and Versiculus Iratis.

The second option in the Freeplay section includes Carnival in Toyland, Spring March.

The third option includes Carvings and Hunger Pangs.

The fourth option has Needle Mouse and Unknown Defeat.

The fifth option has Too Slow, Battered, and Accelerant.

The 6th option will bring Vesania, Kariman’t, Untold Loneliness, and Leak Ma Balls. Check our all FNF Games.

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