Friday Night Funkin’ Classified

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About this Classified Mod of FNF Game

“FNF: Classified” is an intriguing mod that invites players to explore the hidden side of the iconic game, Mario 64. In this captivating musical adventure, players accompany Boyfriend as he embarks on a rhythmic journey inspired by the beloved Nintendo console classic. The mod kicks off with a week filled with three rhythmic songs, featuring rap battles against well-known opponents from the Mario universe.

The adventure begins with the enigmatic phrase “L is Real 2401,” found inscribed on a statue in the castle garden of Mario 64. This mysterious message suggests that Luigi may not be entirely absent from the game, and Boyfriend aims to prove it by engaging in a rap battle against Luigi himself in the song “Watery Severe.” A thrilling chase ensues, pitting Boyfriend against Wario in the song “Funhouse.” Finally, the third song, “Your Copy,” presents a challenge as Boyfriend faces a customized version of Mario. According to legend, each Mario 64 player had a unique experience with a story and characters, and “Your Copy” reflects this personalized journey.

In addition to the main songs, players can explore three additional tracks in the Freeplay menu. Here, Boyfriend confronts Speedrunner Mario, Gilbert, and Sm64.z64, drawing inspiration from the famous Creepypasta of the same name.

The songs featured in “FNF: Classified” include “Watery Grave,” “Funhouse,” “Your Copy,” “Scuttlebug,” “Shrouded,” and “Better Off.” This mod offers a fascinating twist on the Mario 64 experience, blending the world of rhythm and rap battles with the nostalgia of the classic Nintendo game.

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