Friday Night Funkin’ vs Bob Week

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Enjoy the Bob Week on Bob Onslaught in the Story mode while Freeplay mode let you enjoy Sunshine, Withered, Trouble, Little Man, Run, Ron, and Onslaught.

The Story:

What the f*** was that?!?!?

Heh, knew this day would come.

And who are you supposed to be?

Name’s Ron Sugartits, who’s your little guy down there?

Beep sko peep fart poopoo.

What’s wrong with you? You lookin like uuuhh umm you look like an uuuh you kinda look like an uhh ummm you kinda like………..

Look, I am really not sure what your 2 incher is doing out here, but we really need to call some secret service of police what we just saw.

Shut the hell up. I hate women.

I can do some cool rap. I fyou can also cool rap I guess you guys can go through. But, hen my mod (vs ron) get famous I’m going back harder and less possible.

Sggart fart beep bo….


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