Friday Night Funkin’s vs Gorefield

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The Gorfield version of the FNF Game

Steady your nerves for a chilling encounter with an evil incarnation of the iconic feline, Garfield, in the FNF Vs. Gorefield mod for Friday Night Funkin’. Gorefield first debuted in the animated short, Garfield Gameboy’d, where he shed his typical laziness and warmth for a more menacing demeanor. This terrifying, sadistic version of Jim Davis’s creation challenges you to a merciless musical face-off.

Your only ally in this unnerving setting is Jim, though he proves to be of little help, paralyzed by fear at the transformation of his favorite cat. Join Boyfriend in this daunting journey, and resonate with the rhythm of “Curious,” “Metamorphosis,” and “Hi Jon” as you uncover the mod’s narrative that pays homage to one of the most famous cartoon characters worldwide.

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