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About Friday Night Funkin’ Artistic Altitude Game

About Friday Night Funkin‘ Artistic Altitude tale follows a character who visited his girlfriend’s house to inform her that he wanted to end their relationship. However, to his surprise, he discovered that she had already been unfaithful to him. Following this revelation, the character went on to pursue other ventures, including playing music on the street and eventually joining a band that was in disrepair for eight years. For those interested in the full narrative, it is available in Week 1, with a duration of two minutes.

The story revolves around a protagonist who, upon visiting his girlfriend’s home to call it quits, learns of her infidelity. This realization prompts him to embark on a new journey, including playing music in public spaces and eventually joining a struggling band. The complete story is available in Week 1 and can be experienced in a brief two-minute span.

The story mode has 2 weeks, but Freeplay mode has a bunch of FNF Mods to play: Fun N Games, Real Deal, Fix The Broken, Yours Truly, Feats For the Eye, Game Time, Joyride, Reconnect, Doomah, Hellclown

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