Friday Night Funkin’ Party Week

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About FNF Party Week

To ring in the new year with flair, the mod FNF: Party Week offers a vibrant tribute to the world of Friday Night Funkin’. Players take on the role of Connie, an avid FNF modder who suddenly finds herself transported into the universe of her favorite game. This unexpected turn of events kicks off an extraordinary musical journey spanning seven battles, where Connie encounters many iconic FNF characters. Each song introduces a new opponent, creating a dynamic and exciting experience.

Throughout her adventure, Connie faces a diverse lineup of characters, including Nikku, Pinkie Pie, lofi, Black Impostor, Cuphead, Sonic.exe, Monika, Hank, bambi, and Ourple Guy. Each character brings their unique style and challenge, making every battle fresh and exhilarating. The mod celebrates the rich history of FNF modding, featuring music and references from popular mods like Twinsomania, Sonic.exe, Indie Cross, Hotline 024, and Doki Doki.

The soundtrack for FNF: Party Week includes a variety of energetic tracks, such as “Sugar N Spice,” “Slash Jay,” “Hyper Pasta Blood,” “Franchise Funkhouse,” “Funk’s Sake,” “Everything Nice,” and “Lock In.” These songs provide the perfect backdrop for the intense and festive battles, encapsulating the spirit of celebration and the vibrant community of FNF modding.

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