Friday Night Funkin’ vs Bluey and Friends

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About Blue & Friends Version of the FNF Game

The FNF: Bluey & Friends mod is a heartwarming tribute to the beloved Australian animated series Bluey. This mod introduces players to a joyous musical adventure alongside characters Bluey, Mackenzie, and Bingo, through three rhythmically engaging and upbeat songs. The tracks, “Smile,” “Bluey Can Can,” and “Bluey Squared,” offer players an enjoyable yet challenging experience, demanding focus and rhythm to succeed. Tridashie’s creation and bbpanzu’s multifaceted talent in art, animation, and music composition bring this animated world to life in the Friday Night Funkin’ format. With Chimmie’s musical contributions, the mod creates a faithful and vibrant tribute to the series, immersing players in a colorful and melodious universe.

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