FNF’ vs Splatoon (Inkling Girl: One Shot)

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Play Online One Shot Version of the Friday Night Funkin’ Game

The FNF Splatoon One Shot mod is an exciting addition to the Friday Night Funkin’ universe, inviting players to a musical challenge against the Inkling characters from the popular game Splatoon. Players step into the shoes of the Boyfriend character, facing off in a vibrant and rhythmic battle against an Inkling armed with a paint gun. The confrontation unfolds through a short, yet intense song that captures the essence and aesthetics of Splatoon. The mod is a heartfelt tribute, featuring colorful graphics and familiar melodies from the original shooting game. The artistic vision of Deltalyx and the musical direction of DodZonedOut, combined with Phantoskii’s charting and Rofel’s coding, bring this unique experience to life.

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