Friday Night Funkin’ Maginage Matches

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About the Game FNF Maginage Matches

The Store mode is available in Junior, Middle, and Senior modes. You can listen to the track Tic-Tac-Foe Hit-N-Strike Acrimony.

The Story

Girl: Girl: Have you heard of that new dating game? What was it called… Having Simulator?
Carol: Yeah, I am probably not gonna play it though. But, I am guessing you already bought it, huh?
Girl: Yep! Even the DLCs!
Carol: Hah, good luck dealing all those overused romance tropes.
Girl: Meh, I have gotten used to them at this point.
Boy: Man, She’s so pretty and popular… I wish there was some way I could catch her attention. Hmm… Oh! I know. I’ve been meaning to try out my rapping skills for a while now. That’s sure to impress her. I just need to find the right opponent… And so …..

So can you beat the opponent to impress the girl?

The Freeplay version has Tic Tac Foe, Hit N Strike, and Acrimony

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