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About Friday Night Funkin’ vs Funkdela Catalogue

The FNF The Funkdela Catalog mod for Friday Night Funkin’ introduces players to a captivating storyline based on The Mandela Catalog series by Alex Kister, featuring five enthralling songs. Each song represents a different aspect of the story, immersing players in the eerie and suspenseful world of The Mandela Catalog. This unique mod allows players to engage in musical duels against various intriguing characters, providing a fresh and exciting experience for fans of the original game.

The mod kicks off with a musical duel between Gabriel and a shepherd in the first song, “Grace.” However, Gabriel is the Devil in disguise, seeking to deliver a foreboding message to humanity. The second song, “Think,” portrays a phone conversation between Mark Heathcliff and Ceasar Torres, discussing the protocol to follow when encountering an Alternate. As players progress, they will experience younger Mark’s first encounter with “The Intruder” in “Scary Night” and face off against the psychic power of the abnormal entity Snatcher in “Distraught.”

The penultimate song, “Gift,” offers a climactic showdown as Mark Heathcliff battles the powerful Alternate to the rhythm of intense beats. Finally, in “Thonk,” the mod concludes with a rap battle dialogue between Monkey and Socker. FNF The Funkdela Catalog mod for Friday Night Funkin’ delivers an engaging and immersive experience by blending elements of The Mandela Catalog series with the rhythm gameplay fans have come to love, creating a truly unique adventure for players to explore.

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