Friday Night Funkin’ vs Ex

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About the FNF vs EX

The intriguing storyline of Friday Night Funkin’ vs EX, or simply FNF vs EX, introduces you to an unexpected challenge when you encounter Tabi’s Ex-Boyfriend. Thrown into an impromptu musical duel, you’re faced with the challenge of defeating him in a rhythm game. The intensity of the game can be customized to your preference, with different difficulty settings available under the ‘Story’ option.

The ‘Freeplay’ mode provides a broader scope of gameplay, featuring modes such as ‘Genocide Mod’, ‘My Battle Mod’, and ‘Last Chance Mod’. These additional options ensure a diverse and engaging gaming experience, encouraging players to explore their musical prowess in varying scenarios.

In the narrative arc of FNF vs EX, Boyfriend is invited to a meal at a restaurant by his love interest, Tabi. Intriguingly, this invitation comes from a friend of Tabi’s father, who appears to have an uncanny knowledge of her favourite dining place. This meet-up isn’t just about sharing a meal, it’s an opportunity for Boyfriend to meet and familiarize himself with Tabi’s close circle. As the story continues to unfold, the unexpected happens – the arrival of Tabi’s Ex-Boyfriend. This sudden twist sets the stage for exciting confrontations and rhythm battles.

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