FNF’ Helluva Boss Funkin

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Playing Helluva Boss Funkin’ Version of the FNF Game

The mod “Helluva Boss Funkin” creates a vibrant intersection of the “Helluva Boss” and “Hazbin Hotel” series, both created by Vivienne Medrano. Boyfriend faces challenging rap battles against the demonic characters from these series, including intense encounters with Blitzo, Moxxie, and Alastor. These battles are set against the backdrop of the characters’ nefarious professions in the underworld, providing a unique twist on the rhythm game format.

The gameplay in “Helluva Boss Funkin” is marked by its variety and the adaptation of each character’s personality into the music and visual styles of their respective levels. The mod not only pays tribute to the animated series but also offers players an immersive experience into its darkly comedic world. The music tracks like “Dance,” “Meeting The Imp,” and “Radio Demon” are particularly crafted to reflect the quirky, chaotic energy of the Helluva Boss universe.

Credits for this creative project are extensive, with MurtherSoy leading as the mod owner. The team includes main artist RaiperStyle26, co-director and artist Nestoku, and a group of co-directors and musicians like Loz and Tnkarot. Their collective effort ensures a richly detailed and engaging mod that captures the essence of the original series while providing a challenging set of battles for players.

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