FNF’ Origami King (vs Paper Mario)

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About the Friday Night Funkin vs Paper Mario

“Friday Night Funkin'” is a popular rhythm game that has gained a large following online, while “Origami King” is a video game in the Paper Mario series. Now they are mixed up here and ready to rap battle.

In the Story Section you will find: Chapter 1 (Red Streamer), Chapter 2 (Blue Streamer), Chapter 3 (Yellow Streamer), and Chapter 4 (Purple Streamer).

In the Freeplay Mode, you will find Picnic Road, Red Streamer Battle, Missile Maestro, Autumn Mountain Battle, Eddy River, Elastic Entertainer, Yellow Streamer Battle, The Great Sea, Thrills At Night, Disco Devil, Vellumental Battle, and Shfty Sticker.

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