FNF’ Shaggy X Matt

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About Friday Night Funking’ Shaggy X Matt Game

Matt wants to get some training from Shaggy so that he can defeat the Little FNF guy in the Rap Battle. Play Story Mode or Freeplay as Power link, Revenge, and final destination.

The Story:

Shaggy: Hey, I have come to this mansion to accept your training.

Matt: Sure Man! So, how will we train?

Shaggy: I’ll channel some power through a regular song battle. Won’t fee any different from singing normally as power canalization has no feeling.

Matt: I just wanna beat that kid. Will this help me do that?

Shaggy: This will give you more control over-direction correlation. I can sense that you’ve got great singing speed already. With this, you will be unstoppable.

Matt: Heh

Shaggy: But, first show me what you have got.

Matt: Let’s do this.

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