Friday Night Funkin’ vs Kris

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Immerse Yourself in the Riveting Rhythms of FNF.WTF’s Friday Night Funkin’ vs Kris

Get set to dive into an electrifying journey of rhythm and rivalry with the brand-new mod on Friday Night Funkin’ vs Kris. This mod promises to test the boundaries of your rhythm game abilities, offering a unique blend of heart-pounding beats, captivating characters, and high-stakes stage performance challenges.

Throughout your rhythm-battling career, you’ve been up against all sorts of opponents, each brandishing a collection of formidable firearms. However, in this new arena of rhythmic chaos, you’ll be stepping up against an opponent who wields a dangerously sharp sword instead of a gun. This latest addition to the thrilling world of rhythm games introduces an array of new characters and catchy songs to master. Experience the thrill of indulging in your rhythm-based passion and feel the surge of adrenaline as you prove your talent in front of the ones you hold dear. The stage is set, and it’s your time to shine. Good luck!

The Brains Behind Friday Night Funkin’ vs Kris

This thrilling mod, Friday Night Funkin’ vs Kris, is the brainchild of a talented group of developers – CallMeKaaze, Dwinchi, RenxTheHedgehog, Toby Fox, and Poporaaki. Each developer played a crucial role in shaping this immersive gaming experience.

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